About Us

Pandit Sri Lakshman Rao is the experience and intuition personified. The naturally bestowed Fortune Teller he is, Pandit Laxman Rao is skillful in discovering the right astrological solution to every physical and emotional problem. Two and a half decades of practice and still counting have transformed him into a man of maturity in the astrological domain and an obvious best.

Be it the Black Magic or the ill effects of planetary positions, he is competent to take you out of the mess you might be in. A love failure or a struggle with your relationships, a loss in your business or a Vastu pain – you name an obstacle, he has the ways for you to feel safe.

After all, the well being of a man lies in appropriate understanding of the problem and adopting himself better for the challenges. Pandit Laxman Rao is the true friend for your soul.

Hailing from North Karnataka, Laxman Rao’s ancestors have inherited Astrology in their blood. It is pertinent to mention that Laxman Rao’s grandfather was well known Astrologer at the Court of Shivaji Maharaj. While he worships Lord Sri Yanthrodharaka Prana Deva Anjaneya Swamy for the divine power, he is bestowed with mystical grace by his forefathers as well as the great mystic Shri Sai Ram Guruji who lives in Himalayas.

How we serve

The Horoscope, the palm, the face – everything reflects what you go through. We are adept in analyzing your concern through any of these mediums and are skillful to find lasting solutions through poojas by Sadhu Sanths of Himalayas apart from following Kerala’s classical ethics. We always respect your individuality and hence the confidentiality.

What we serve

  • Re-finding the love for you

  • Vastu Solution

  • Reignite the passion for life

  • Solution to black magic

  • Solution to professional obstacles.


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